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Breast Augmentation
Packages in Iran
Breast surgery, hotel, transfer and more



  • Breast Augmentation: Clinic and doctor visits, laboratory tests, breast augmentation, surgery in hospital, post-operative care, medicines, recovery, and follow-up
  • Treatment visa (T-visa): Visa authorization code
  • Pick-up and Transfer: Airport pick-up, privet transfer from hotel to clinic/hospital and vice versa, airport drop-off
  • Accommodations: Five or – three star hotels (of the patient’s choice) near the clinic or hospital
  • Other services: Welcome dinner, 24-hour on-call assistance, interpreter, SIM card and internet


  • Clinic and doctor visits
  • Medical photography
  • Medicines
  • Transfer
  • Interpreter
  • SIM card and internet
  • Visa


Arrival at airport: guest will be welcomed by AGS group guide, picked-up and transfer to hotel. Checking into hotel; transfer from hotel to clinic; visiting doctor and medical consultation, pre-op tests; transfer from clinic to hotel; welcome dinner.

Transfer from hotel to hospital; preparations for surgery; conversation between doctor and patient; reviewing the expectations; performing of surgery; post-op recovery at hospital; taking doctor’s instructions.

Rest in hotel; taking post-op medications; following instructed diet; follow-up through doctor’s assistant.

Rest in hotel; regular eating restarts; daily walking; city sightseeing with AGS group guide.

Taking shower at hotel; transfer from hotel to clinic; check-up and bandage removal(by doctor); reviewing post-op instructions and dos & don’ts; receiving written certificate from confirming patient is fit to fly; transfer from clinic to hotel.

Transfer from hotel to AGS group office; AGS group gives patient special gifts; transfer to airport and seeingoff; start of permanent follow-up through communication channels.

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From: $2,800



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